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  Taizhou borui corrugated pipe co., LTD is located in the picturesque taizhou of jiangsu province jiangyan area,Is located in jiangsu328National highway,West.ningqi railway,Beijing-shanghai high-speed throughout the beautiful hometown of fish and rice。Company's mainMetal hose、Compensator、Expansion joint、Non-metallic compensator、Heat exchanger and the throttleAnd other products。

  Products used in the oil,Chemical industry,Metallurgy,Machinery,Airlines,Space,Water conservancy,Paper making,Medicine,Textiles,City gas... <Click on the details>

Address:Jiangsu taizhou jiangyan economic development zone
Contacts:Xu Jingli
A mobile phone:15861028198
The phone:0523-82578918
Taizhou borui corrugated pipe co., LTD Address:Jiangsu taizhou jiangyan economic development zone The phone:0523-82578918 Fax:0523-82073188
Contacts:Xu Jingli、15861028198 The For the record:SueICPTo prepare13019346Number Link:Yeap network
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