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Seven star co., LTD., founded in carpet1998Years,Integrate the advantage resources,Independent dyeing、Design、ZhiZhi、Pruning is equal to one。Since the establishment at the beginning,Uphold the leading the custom-made carpet industry by hand,Scope of business throughout Europe and the United States、The Middle East、Asia and so on around the world,Special ability of individuation custom-made,Widely with the customers Collaborative development allows us to become peer leaders。 Should be the expansion of market demand and establish brand products by the company,A few years ago the company set up a new production base and successful breakthrough capacity to every year12M2) is installed、Commercial custom-made carpet。To meet the interior decoration engineer、Designer,Project contractor and the end user's requirements,Our products range covers100%Pure New Zealand wool、Tibetan wool、Australian wool、Milling New Zealand wool,Worsted/Semi-worsted New Zealand wool、Silk wool blended yarn、Rayon、Pure silk、Silk yarn、Inferior smooth silk、Thick wire、Silk cotton、Spun rayon、Bamboo fiber、Lace band、Swarovski crystals…… Committed to Manual craft Careful attention,Carry forward the driving luxurious carpet production techniques,Tireless pursuit of strict product quality standard,Provide a full range、The integration of meet customer consultation、Design、...


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