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“The quality for this、Green environmental protection ”—— From meat to production,Strictly control every link

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About us

Food co., LTD., established in too2016Years,NanchongAKind of fixed-point slaughtering enterprises。The company covers an area of20Mu,Beautiful scenery、A beautiful view。The existing staff20More than one。Set up automatic production line for slaughter,Day slaughter pigs can reach400Yu Tou。Company to slaughter pig meat quality of products100%The percent of pass,The guarantee“Safe”The meat quality on the market。Company products are mainly supplied to nanchong major supermarkets,The farmer's market,Company sets high-quality pigs、The wild boar breeding、Slaughter、Fresh pin chain as a whole。
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Brief introduction
The company is located in nanchong takatsubo area spot bamboo township,Is now a according to the tradition and the green environmental protection product process combined with the integration of the company。Since its establishment,Always insist on“The quality for this,Green environmental protection”For the idea,Guidelines for epidemic prevention standards,Strengthen the consciousness of service,To build good corporate reputation。In nanchong......